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Playfish: Play Social games with your friends on Facebook

PetVille is Zynga’s other Facebook hit and tackles the world of pet care. However, the pet cares less about chasing a stick and more about buying it a new TV. These pets live in a house, and they want you to make their house a home.
PetVille is a great game to play with your friends and their pets! Invite your friends to be your neighbors in this game to help you earn coins and level faster! Play fun mini games like Bubble Pop to earn coins and have fun! Zynga is connecting the world through games. We’re the #1 provider of gaming experiences on social networks, connecting you to your friends through word games, casino games, role-playing games, and more! View our privacy policy here.

Create the island of your dreams!

In Treasure Isle, you are a treasure hunter who digs for treasures on deserted isles until you get tired and have to go home. You can decorate your island home and tend to your garden while you wait until you’re well-rested enough to go hunt for more treasure.

The restaurant management game rewards players for being dedicated and returning to the game on a regular basis, making it a perfect fit for Facebook. But while the core mechanics are fairly simple, the game quickly becomes very addictive, something which is aided by some terrific production values and social networking features.

Pet Society is all about raising a virtual pet of your own creation, but these pets have more in common with people than puppies. They’ll want to tackle all kinds of people problems and situations. They’ll go shopping and fishing, and they’ll watch TV with their friends. The word “pet” really seems like a misnomer. The characters are animal in nature but they’re also anthropomorphise – animals exhibiting predominantly human qualities.

FishVille from Zynga allows users to create virtual aquariums. Like all of Zynga’s ‘ville properties, FishVille offers up some straightforward gameplay with an addictive set of unlockable rewards. While the gameplay itself is different enough from FarmVille to make it stand out on its own, the overall structure shares a lot in common with its farming sibling.

In Mafia Wars’ you can take over properties, finish story missions to advance your rank, and fight it out with other player mafias to gain both money and experience. Your level increases as you gain experience, which lets you access more challenging jobs and new areas of the game.

Farmville is the most famous game on Facebook right now and it has made Zynga a real giant in Facebook gaming. FarmVille is a virtual farming simulation with ample bells and whistles. FarmVille is first and foremost a game about crops. You’ll cultivate plots of land, seed them, and harvest what grows. Ignoring all of the barn raisings and fertiliser, all of the elephants and maple trees, this simple three step mechanic is at the heart of FarmVille. Unlike many games on Facebook, the only skill this one requires is patience.

Cafe World is one of the games Zynga has launched since the massive success of FarmVille, and its overall style of play is very much influenced by it. By serving food to customers and performing various other tasks, you can earn enough money to customise your little cafe to fit your tastes and grow it into a larger restaurant. Every recipe in the game requires a certain amount of time to create, anything from five minutes to three days.
In Café World, you're in charge of your very own restaurant. In this game you can choose from dozens of dishes to cook, then slice, chop, saute and bake your way to the top of the culinary world! Cafe World is a game that is created by Zynga, the maker of FarmVille and a lot of other social games.

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Bejeweled Blitz - the world's most popular matching puzzle game, now on Facebook!Bejeweled has been played by more than 500 million people around the world, and has consumed 7 billion leisure time hours since 2000. Now you can play a special version on Facebook!

เกมส์ปลูกผัก Barn Buddy Become a Barn Buddy! Look after your own farm, help friends and grow crops together! Work with friends or be naughty and steal their crops!

Grow exotic crops, raise animals and critters, and build your dream home on your very own Island Paradise! Visit your friends on neighboring islands! Will you help them - or help yourself to some of their harvest?

In Word Challenge you are given 6 letters, the objective is to create 3-6 letter words from the letters provided as fast as you can. There are 40,000 to find in this fast and rewarding word game! You can go into a head to head battle of words with one of your friends in the 'Challenge Mode'. Can you come out on top?
Cute Baby Fish are waiting to be adopted by you! Feed them and watch them grow!
Happy Aquarium is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cartoony visuals and forgiving game design make this an experience well-suited to gamers who don’t have the time or patience to commit to the massive fish farms of “Fish World” or “Fishville”. While much of the game shares common themes with other aquarium sims on Facebook, Happy Aquarium does a good deal to set itself apart and create a truly unique experience.

Applications and games have played a major role in Facebook’s success and one of the reasons why it’s banned at a majority of workplaces. Facebook games are the perfect place to procrastinate online. While there are thousands of applications and games available on this social networking site, very few could challenge the supremacy of Zynga; the biggest name in Facebook gaming (it introduced Farmville last year). Here’s our pick of the top 10 games for getting your Facebook game on.
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